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About Us

ZIMA is a modern modest brand. ZIMA range of stylish modestapparel for special occasionand daily wear. Provide design forall ages and gender. Modest design that is made easy with functional solutions.

ZIMA is an in-house brand for Kilang Jahit Terbesar JB (KJTJB) which is the vendor of Sinar Gemilang 77 (M) Sdn Bhd. Sinar Gemilang 77 (M) Sdn Bhd is a tailoring factory. It provides tailoring services to other entrepreneur, mainly local brands. It was founded in 2019 by the directors. Being the main client of KJTJB making it easier for ZIMA to produce their own products. ZIMA has their own independency to create own fashion ideas. Having the ability to choose cuts, styles, pleats, darts, and a limitless list of customisable options that add something uniquely to ‘ZIMA’s’ apparel or ensemble.

Founded by entrepreneur Raden Siti, ZIMA launched in 2018 and was born out of the love for modest apparel. ZIMA is a modest apparel range for all ages and not only limited for women. Through its mission to provide accessible prices and variety of designs. ZIMA range of stylish modest apparel that is specially designed for special events and daily wear. Aiming to convey that wearing modest apparel should be accessible among women and should be celebrated act among women. Accessible for family especially on festive season.

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